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The Covasna - Térrét "local interest railway" (HÉV) line was inaugurated in 1892, with a gauge of 760 mm. At the Covasna end of the line, a load transfer point, criss-crossed with standard-gauge and narrow-gauge tracks, was established. Apart from this, run-around facilities were granted only at the upper end of the 5.8-km-long line. The alignment was designed to avoid the village (later town) of Covasna, but at Vajnafalva the tracks pass very charmingly next to the houses before entering the continuously narrowing, beautiful "Valley of Fairies". A 4-track station was built here to serve as a run-around and vehicle transfer point, as this is where the local railway (HÉV) joined the extensive forestry railway network of Comandãu via the gravity operated inclined plane system, which is now a unique industrial monument.


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