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Closed wagons

The old Kemence Forestry Railway has a closed wagon (built by FVV), but after the stopping it was sold to Austria in 1990. Now we have 3 closed wagons, but just only one can be found at Kemence, one is lent to Felsőpetény and the two others are being repaired.

B282,0001 (Pélpuszta wagon)

The wagon arrived from the closed Ádánd-Pélpuszta narrow gauge line. It was found by a member of the assotiation, it was renewed in 2004 by us. Pictures from the renewing

B426,0001 (Henhouse)

It arrived from Szegi, it was used as a passenger wagon in a mine. It hasn't got brake, so in Kemence can't be used, now it can be found at Felspetny.

B461,0007 (Dunakeszi wagon)

The wagon was made for the Királyrét Forestry Railway, after the renewing the railway (the old 600 gauge railway was changed to 760 mm) it was used on several narrow gauge lines. The assotiation bought this wagon from Mesztegnyő, now it is beeing repaired in Dunakeszi.

Opened wagons

We have 4 original Kemence Forestry Railway opened wagons, the traffic was started with these wagons in 2000. Later we bought some wrecks from closed lines, we built a passenger wagon on freight wagon bases, nowdays we're working on some new wagons to be able carry more people in the summer period.

C263,0001 - C263,0003 (Small wagons)

We haven't got information about these wagons' history, but they are on some pictures from the 1950's. Nowdays they used as areserve trainset or run on special events.

C263,0004 (Fűzfő wagon, Tramway wagon)

We bought these wagons from Balatonfűzfő, they were renewed in 2006.

C265,0002 (Ganz)

It was built by the Ganz Vagon Kft. This isthe world known Ganzcompany's last vehicle. This wagon isn't used in traffic, this type wagons were used on this line by workers, hikers and hunters.

C474,0001 (Archbishop wagon)

The oldest passenger wagon on the line. Its base was built in Budapest in the O&K factory. In 1924 it was built to a passenger wagon when the archbishop arrived to check the line and the job.

C474,0002 (Bed)

This 16 seat wagon was built on a truck pair base after reopening the line. In 2008 its boogies were renewed.

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