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By bicycle

There are good quality roads around Kemence so the village can be reached easily by bike also as an end, or a stationof a longer tour across Brzsny mountains.

Fotó: Karap Krisztián

via Szob

From Budapest to Ipolydamasd there is a good bicycle road at the left side of the Danube river, from Ipolydamasd the the tour can be continued on a low trafficroad to Kemence.
Bicycle can be carried by train to Szobso the road can be shorted.

Budapest- Kemence: 105 km
Szob- Kemence: 31 km

via Disjen

From Vc to Disjen it is hard to ride bicycle because of the several cars on a high traffic road, so it is easier to carry the bicycle by train to Disjen - you must change at Vc.
From Disjen to Kemence there is a very low traffic concrete road across the hearth of the Brzsny. The first part of the road is extremly precipitous but after that from the top of the mountains there isa very good long slope. The roadruns nexttheceased Kemence-Kirlyhza railroad, with smaller tours some old bridges, wood sleepers can be found in the forests.

Ngrd - Kemence: 24 km
Disjen- Kemence: 20 km

From Kemence several sights can be reached in 1-2 hours, for example: Nagybrzsny (watermill, miners' church), castle at Drgelypalnk...

Bicycles can be left at Kemence station during the train ride.

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