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The beginnings

From1910 a new railroad were built to reach the good quality wood in the west Brzsny from Kemence. The area's owner in this timethe Primateship of Esztergom was. In the first 20 years about 30-40 km railroad were built in 2 mainvalleys that can beapproached from the village.


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In 1910 the Wolfner-Schanczer&sons company started the buildings from the forestry's yard. In the first year the Kemence-Wirterhz-Kirlyhza-Kirlykt (11 km) railroad was built (On map).In 1911 the jobs were continued with the Kirlyhza-Rakottys line (On map):
new tracks were laid to Tzkves-Bangolk (1 km), and to Rakottys (On map)and Sznoldal. The last two lines wereside-lines lines to workplaces, their long wasin all3 km.

(The side-lines were built only for some years, just only for carry the wood to the main lines from the working area. After finishing the cut - maybe for years - these were taken up.)

In 1913 new railroad was built to the Csarna Valley (On map), its name was Csarnavlgy Railroad and it was 9,4 km long.

In 1916 some side-lines were built by Dobo Company on the Csarnavlgy Railroad, their name was: Talprakod ~ 0,8 km, Kettshd ~ 1,2 km and Rkospatak ~ 2,0 km (On map).

In 1919 the Hidi-Vint Company built three more side-lines: Oltrk ~ 1,5 km, Hangys ~ 0,7 km, Mogyors ~ 1,2 km (On map).

The Kemence-Kirlykt railroad in 1920 were renewed: sleepers werethickened and thebridges were strengthened. In 1925 a new side-line were built here: Fonottsg ~ 0,7 km (On map).

The Pognypatak side-line were built in 1927, it was 2,1 km long (On map).

New side-line were laid in Dosnya Valley by Marcher Company in 1926, the Szsz Company built the Bacsina side-line in 1933, it was 3,3 km long. The system's highest ascent was on this line: 12%.

Also the Marcher Company built the Nagyrcslye side-line in 1927(On map), it was 3 km long.

In the Csarna Valley the innovatewas continued: in 1926 the Hidi-Vint Company built the Rkospatak-Oltrk side-line which was 0,5 km (On map). The highest bridge in the system was on this lineabove the Oltr-steam, it was 21 m long and 8 m high.

From 1928 the Schmiedl Company built three more side lines in the Csarna Valley: Hangys-Sovnygdr ~ 0,7 km, in 1929the Drinpatak (On map) ~ 1,7 km and in 1933 the Kurucpatak (On map) ~ 1,8 km.

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