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Tourist attractions around the railway

There are several attractions which can be visited around Kemence. In the Brzsny-mountains three other narrow gauge railways are in operation, there is a thermal bath in Slovakia not far from the border.

Kilátás a nógrádi várból a Börzsöny felé

Kilátás a nógrádi várból a Börzsöny felé

Bernecebarti (See map)

The village is Kemence's northern neighbour and the attractions here are as follows: Templom-hegy with a Roman style church, the local museum in Szchenyi t and the tomb of Pista Sisa the famous Hungarian rascal. The Bernecebarti Forestry Railway which was closed in 1970 started from the Deszks valley.

The website of the settlement is:

Disjen (See map)

This village is located in the eastern part of the Brzsny region. Attractions include a beach, a pond and a castle in secession style. It is an important centre for tourism and for the trains.
The Disjen Forestry Railway began from west side of the settlement but closed in 1976.

The website of the settlement is:

Drgelypalnk (See map)

The famous attraction in Drgelypalnk is the fortress where Gyrgy Szondy fought against the Turks.

The website of the settlement is:

Gygy (Dudince) (See map)

The settlement is located 14 km north of Sahy, the spa is here is well known.

The website of the spa:

Hont (See map)

Formerly this city was the seat of Hont County, and a fortress stood here in ancient times. Attractions in the city are the remains of the fortress, Hont's ravine and the cellars of the wine-makers.

The website of the settlement is:

Ipolydamsd (See map)

A good village from which to start some good bicycle trips. Until 1945 a stone bridge stood here over the river, in 1980 a smaller bridge was built here but it was destroyed by a flood in 2000. A new bridge is planned which will connect the bicycle roads from Slovakia to Hungary.

The website of the settlement is:

Ipolysg (Sahy) (On map)

A town not far from Kemence, here was the Hungarian-Slovakian border, so as in the border-cities usual there are several shops, cheap restaurants and bars. The most knwon sight in the city is the town hall - which was burnt down by Pista Sisa the famous rascal -, and thechurch of the abbey.

Site of the settlement is:

Ipolyszakllos (Ipel'sk Sokolec) (On map)

The wine-cellars are known in the village.

Mrianosztra (On map)

The name comes from Latin, it means Our Maria.In1352a Paulinecloister were built here, butfrom 1854 it is used as a gaol. Other main sightsare the baroque churchand the Brzsny Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Site of the settlement is:

Nagybrzsny (Deutschpilsen) (On map)

The village was the centre of the goldminers in the XV. century. The mining was made characteristically by settled Germans. The main sight of the village is the Roman style church from the XIII. century, but thereare also interesting the Miners' Church, the watermill and the local museum. In Nagybrzsny can be found the Nagybrzsny Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Site of the settlement is:

Nagyoroszi (On map)

Here the roman catholic church is well known. From Nagyoroszi run up to the Deszks-valley a narrow gauge railway which was between 1945 and 1950 ceased. Over the village in the mountains can be found the Wenckheim castle, now it is hotel.

Site of the settlement is:

Ngrd (Novohrad) (On map)

The main sight in the village is the fortress from the X. century. After the tartar campaign it was rebuilt from stone, in the turkish campaign it had important function but its gunpowder storage was blown up by a flash in 1685. Nowdays the fortress is being excavated and renewed. There is a local museum near to the fortress.

Site of the settlement is:

Percsny (On map)

Kemence's southern neighbor, the main sightare the cellars of the wine-makers, but thereare the ruins of Salgvrat southeast from the village. Percsny is a good starting point for a tour.

Szalka (Salka) (On map)

The village laid in front of Letks on the other side of the Ipoly river. One of the oldest villages in Hont county. The beer is very cheap here.

Szob (On map)

Szob is the centre of the region, in 2001 it became to a city. Here can be found the Brzsny Museum about the mountain and its cultural history. The former Lutzenbacher castle is now secondary school and there are some other sights in the city...

In 2008 was finished of the narrow gauge railway's reconstruction, the line operates between March and September.

Site of the settlement is:

Tsa (On map)

Tsa is a small village with only about 100 inhabitants next the Slovakian border.The main sight is the Jankovich castle, but there are several renewed, lovely farmhouses in the village.

Site of the settlement is:

Vmosmikola (On map)

The centre of lower Ipoly-valley. The old Esterhzy-Huszr castle now is a school, therearea local museum some shops and a restaurant in the city.

Site of the settlement is:

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