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  • Rail passengers can choose between a Northern and a Southern approach. The Northern route, though longer, takes you along the Transylvanian circle railway line and only one transfer is required, at Sfântu Gheorghe (In Hungarian: Sepsiszentgyörgy). This route is recommended not only for the beauties of the landscape but also to those who would like to listen to the well-spoken and tasty Hungarian language that the locals speak here. For this route, we recommend the "Corona" international fast train which departs Budapest-Nyugati station at 17:05 and reaches Braºov via the Transylvanian circle railway. The train arrives at Sfântu Gheorghe at 07:43 the next morning. When purchasing the ticket in Hungary, attention should be paid to the fact that international tickets can not be obtained at all CFR stations. One can also get them in the "CFR Agentia" offices in the downtown areas of major cities. (I.e. purchasing return tickets in Hungary is recommended.)

  • At Sfântu Gheorghe one can choose between the double-deck stopping trains to Târgu Secuiesc (Kézdivásárhely) or Breþcu (Bereck) that run four times a day (see:, or the buses departing from in front of the station. There are no language barriers at either place, if you speak Hungarian or Romanian :-).

  • The Southern route leads via Sighisoara to Brasov, but although it is faster (this is one of the important, double-track main lines of CFR, with several fast trains) the scenery is not similarly impressing. One must change trains at Braºov, and here Romanian language skill are required to communicate at the ticket windows. A further transfer at Sfântu Gheorghe (as described above) is usually required. For the Southern route, we recommend the "Dacia Express" departing at 23:10 from Budapest-Keleti station and arriving at Braºov at 11:32 the next morning.

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