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100-Year Celebration of the oldest Locomotive on the railway

2009.11.19 (Markója Szilárd)

On 14 November 2009 members of the Association Sikl celebrated the 100 year old N3-404 in Sepsiszentgyrgy (Sfintu Gheroghe).
A 100 éves mozdony virágdíszben

A 100 éves mozdony virágdíszben
Fotó: Papucs András (2009.11.14.)

The newly repainted loco obtained a wreath. Thanks florist Melinda Demeter and Passilflora shop for the beautiful decoration. A detailed life-story was published previously on this site. The members of the association commemorated the locomotive and started preservation and cleaning work in and around the shed in Covasna where the locos purchased just a month ago are being stored. Window grating and door gaps were fixed and even a hole in the wall was walled up to prevent further stealing. 764-405R is in a fairly good condition but 764-001 is missing several parts: springs, chimney, boiler appliances, grate parts, coupling rods, valve gear. 764-001 was standing on the inspection pit section of track in the shed, which was a wooden construction. After it had mouldered it collapsed under the loco which made it impossible to steal more parts. Lifting out the locomotive is one of the forthcoming challenges for the association. This action was assisted by Depo ( Many thanks for Your help. Also the cleaning of the lower section of the inclined plane was started. In the last 10 years since the line has been closed a little forest grew up on the track. Work has to be continued soon. Thanks Alpamayo Ltd. for the assistance.

More foto's of N3-404 here.

About this volountary action in the local press was reported.

More foto's about Sikl Association's volountary action here and here (in Romanian language).

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