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First vehicle in Commandau to be restored

2010.11.17 (Papucs András)

First draisines ran in the thirties on the Commandau system to carry prominent guests and managers.
A drezina lerakása Sepsiszentgyörgyön

A drezina lerakása Sepsiszentgyörgyön
Fotó: Papucs András (2009.11.08.)

The first draisine carried 8 persons and was equipped with an Austro-Daimler engine. Several ohters followed, e.g. IFA Framo or Skoda VOS make ones. In the Socializme communist party leaders had to be transported during hunting events. In the eighties one had to be rapidly built for Nicolae Ceausescu. A GAZ 24-02 Volga was given to the railway by Covasna Heart Hospital and transferred into a draisine, which was dumped till this summer outside the shed. On Commandau Days it was put on rails and pushed into the shed. Enthousiastic pupils of Secondary Scool Tivadar Puskás, Sfintu Gheorghe offered restoring it. The vehicle which misses many parts was transported to Sfintu Gheorghe on 9 November. Several firms patronize the action. Further donations, also in form of original spare-parts are welcome!

More photographs here.

A short article in Háromszék newspaper from Romania (in Hungarian language).

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