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Summary of the Activities in 2007

2008.01.03 (Papucs András)

Fotó: Papucs András (2004.)

- Romanian Ministry of Culture signed the permission for Covasna Country Council to expropriate the ground and infrastructure of the narroe gauge railway. It also provided finances sothat he can start the procedure, to set up the documentation of the action plan, early 2007.

- The survey of the lines was obstructed by the snow and ice still laying in the spring.

- The survey showed e.g. folowing data: the railway has got 27 km tracks (depot and station tracks included), the whole property (buildings, rails, ground, etc.) has got an approximate value of 1.300.000 ROL.

- In the action plan a cost of a few Millions EUR has been calculated for the reconstruction of the railway, including a total reconstruction of the lines and inclined plane, excluding the rolling stock.

- Of all problems the Legal ones seem to be the most difficult. No expert company applied for the job, so Covasna Country Council had to do it itself. A few examples:

1. The ground under the line between sawmill border and Hotel Bradu belongs to the Romanian State, according to the Ground Book in Cluj.

2. The ground under the inclined plane ant further to Commandau has been declared as "forest". It means the line cannot be identified as a distinct ground.

3. The ground under the line from Commandau sawmill to Holomu Pass belongs to Comandau Council

- On "The Comandau Days" some specials ran, worked by a steam engine owned by Georg Hocevar

- Covasna Country Council has bought all remaining freight wagons in Covasna and Comandau for EUR 30000: 15 flat wagons, 1 service waggon, 4 (two pairs of) trucks in Covasna and 21 (10,5 pairs of) trucks in Comandau.

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